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Random Acts of Marketing!

Get clear messaging and strategic marketing for your

Small or Medium Sized Business

Clarify Your Message

Market Strategically

Build Your Business

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Do you struggle with:

Limited Visibility

Reduced Sales

Inability to Reach Target Audience

Missed Growth Opportunities

Wasted Resources

Your business has marketing challenges. We've got solutions.

Here are some of the people we've helped

Here's Our Roadmap to Success

1. Clarify Your Message

First, we'll work to create a powerful brand message that invites your audience into a story that convinces them to buy.

2. Build Your Assets

Once your message is clear and compelling, we can craft all the assets you need to implement a great marketing plan.

3. Monitor Your Results

We won't just "launch and leave" - we'll monitor your marketing to make sure it's getting you great results.

Here's Why It Matters

Too many business commit random acts of marketing, trying idea after idea with no rhyme or reason. When Three Cats Marketing creates a powerful strategy and compelling marketing assets for you, you'll talk about your business is a way that inspires people to buy your products and services.

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Our Services

Marketing Starter Package
Marketing Starter Package

A set of talking points that you'll use in sales calls and emails, and a simple way to talk about your business
Messaging Package
Messaging Package

Create a clear and compelling brand message using a powerful framework.
Lead Generator Package
Lead Generator Package

Attract leads with a valuable resource to download and a series of sales emails
Sales Funnel Package Package
Sales Funnel Package

Everything in our Messaging and Lead Generator packages - PLUS a website or wireframe!
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Too many businesses commit random acts of marketing when the make these mistakes. Download the guide and find out how you can avoid making them in your marketing!

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Too many businesses commit random acts of marketing - make sure your message is clear and your marketing stands out so your business gets heard through the noise!