What Is StoryBrand?

Get clarity with the StoryBrand Framework!

Get clarity with the StoryBrand Framework

The StoryBrand framework, created by marketing expert Donald Miller, uses the power of storytelling in marketing. The framework is based on seven elements that great stories all have in common: a Hero who has a Problem until he meets a Guide who gives him a Plan and Calls him to Action, which leads to Success or Failure.

Storytelling in business works because:

  1. People - your customers - pay attention to stories.

  2. Story enables you to talk about how you help your customers in an easy-to-understand way

But you have to do it the right way - and too many businesses don't.

If you apply the StoryBrand Framework to your marketing message, you can do it right.

Here are three ways you can get started with StoryBrand.


This video gives you a super-quick introduction to storytelling with the StoryBrand Framework.

StoryBrand Certified since 2020

Three Cats Marketing founder and owner Paul Srch is certified by StoryBrand in using the Seven-Part StoryBrand and Marketing Made Simple frameworks.


This Marketing Made Simple podcast episode features Don Miller giving an overview of StoryBrand.

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Marketing Made Simple book cover


Want to take a deep dive into the StoryBrand Framework? Check out Donald Miller's bestselling books:

  • Building a Story Brand
  • Marketing Made Simple
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